leonie cornelius




About Leonie

Leonie Cornelius is a Garden Designer and Interior Architect.  Her company Blume house specialises in extraordinary customised Garden and Interior designs for companies and brands as well as private clients. One of Ireland’s leading garden designers, Leonie has worked on the RTE today show as the regular garden design expert and is a Judge on the popular RTE Super Garden show.

Writing is another one of Leonie’s passions and her unique design skills and self proclaimed love of sharing creative ideas can be seen weekly in the Irish Mail on Sunday. She has also written for the Irish Independent Weekend Magazine as well as many others.

Her Show gardens  for Dubarry of Ireland, the Leitrim Development Company and Super Garden have won many medals including two Gold medals, A best in category and Silver-Gilt.

Background and Design Path

Born in Monchengladbach in the North West of Germany, Leonie grew up with surroundings of industrial architecture. On a search for a place of beauty to settle,  and some time living on the island of Ithaka in Greece, Leonie’s parents decided to settle on the wild Atlantic coast of Ireland. After finishing school Leonie  initially studied Interior Architecture her design approach is rooted in strong architectural form and clear symmetries. After combining her architecture with a diploma in Garden Design from the prestigious KLC school of design in London, Leonie’s designs place a firm emphasis on combining inside and outside and she believes that there is a vital connection between the two.




Blume is design brand that intends to bring the highest quality of design both Inside and out and strives to create extraordinary design for the client. As an Interior Architect and Garden Designer, Leonie Cornelius draws inspiration both from the natural prairie planting styles as well as clear architectural lines and symmetries resulting in an exciting synthesis of old and new. Nature and Architecture working in perfect harmony.

The design philosophy is firmly rooted in the belief that purity of beauty and harmony teamed with an ethical and sustainable approach are the highest achievement both within architecture and garden design.



Leonie has worked as the Garden Design Expert on the RTE Today show with Maura Derrane and Daithi O’ Se. She currently acts as Judge on the popular RTE Supergarden show. This role sees her work as the Woodies Ambassador.

Leonie was recently featured on the RTE Ploughing Live show where she reported for the live show as part of the RTE One Ploughing Live Show.