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Bloom 2017 Competition | win a signed book and a Martina Hamilton pendant

Earlier in the year we collaborated on a wonderful photo shoot with the talented jewellery designer Martina Hamilton on Edenreagh Strand in north Sligo. The photographer Peter Martin took some incredible shots which we are all very proud of and show our side of the country so well. Martina will be showcasing her beautiful work at the craft village at Bloom and to  celebrate being there together we have a brilliant

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Dreaming of Gardens | Exploring creative space

“Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are”. Alfred Austin’s very apt quote is a wonderful starting point to consider when thinking about your garden and how you imagine it in the future. Gardens you see, are intensely personal places. These spaces are, much like our homes, where our lives unfold on a day to day basis. Realistically, more often than not however, how our garden

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Hanging baskets | the designer twist

Is it just me or has it been one seriously long Winter? On my morning walk today, the sun broke through the clouds and I was delighted to actually feel some warmth in its rays. It’s safe to say we are more than ready for some Spring sunshine! Thankfully the longer days and brighter conditions also mean it’s finally that time of the year again when garden centres are boasting

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Dream Gardens | Book news

It’s finally time to announce my big news. Over the past few months I’ve been working on my first garden design book called ‘Dream Gardens’ with Mercier Press in Cork. It’s been a fantastic journey and I’ve worked with so many wonderful and talented people. The idea behind the book is that everyone should have access to a dream garden. It aims to be a clear and easy-to-follow guide to creating a

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Leonie Cornelius Woodies DIY, Ireland, by Suzy McCanny Photography, Fashion-photographer-Sligo-Ireland,_E5A7093.CR2
Leonie Cornelius Woodies DIY, Ireland, by Suzy McCanny Photography, Fashion-photographer-Sligo-Ireland,_E5A7025.CR2
Leonie Cornelius Woodies DIY, Ireland, by Suzy McCanny Photography, Fashion-photographer-Sligo-Ireland,_E5A7099.CR2

Luxury Dark Christmas

December is one of my favourite times of the year.  Every year, Winter seems to surprise me with its arrival. Suddenly, the temperatures drop and you are given beautiful Winter mornings , with their crisp, frosty-pink, dawn glow. In the evenings darkness falls sooner, often bringing amazing star-studded, sky blankets of inky blue. Every year I forget how breathtakingly beautiful nature is in Winter. It is this nature that is

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Mystery of Magical Gardens

Have you ever walked into a garden and felt yourself sigh in delight? Some gardens have that magical quality to them and yet are simply a few trees and shrubs, whilst others, designed to the millimetre, fail to inspire. The best gardens are the ones that leave us breathless, that have that little spark of magic that is hard to describe and almost impossible to define. Gardens that stop time

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Weekend Projects | Edible Flower Fun

 With so much in blossom this month I thought it would be lovely to have a look at some flowers from an edible point of view. You’d be amazed at how many of the flowers in the garden we see every day are actually edible. As a garden designer I am always learning more about edible plants and am always fascinated by new discoveries. Growing edible plants with children is

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Collaboration | A better approach to Design

Recently I had a great conversation about collaboration with some lovely colleagues of mine. While filming the RTE Super Garden TV Show, Raisin Lafferty and Gary Graham and I spoke about the importance of sharing ideas and how we have come creatively to this point when we finally recognise this: Sharing is good. In a time where some people are still holding on to their creative ideas like private gems,

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bloom 2012 1
bloom 2013

RTE Super Garden 2016 | The Search for the magical garden

It’s that time of the year again and I am delighted to be back filming the wonderful show that is RTE Super Garden. The popular show which sees five designers creating gardens for real homeowners with the hope of getting their winning garden a place at the Bloom in the Park festival on the June bank holiday weekend. This is no easy task, I know this because in 2012 I

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leonie-cornelius-rte-super garden

Aquilegia-a flower for a Super Garden

There is no plant that blooms more prolifically in early Summer than the Aquilegia or Columbine flower. The pretty and delicate plant is a firm favourite of cottage gardens and self-seeds freely through borders making it a very rewarding plant. It also happens to be easy as pie to grow, making it a great plant for the garden owner who doesn’t have a whole lot of time to dig up

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