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Inspiration from the masters of the Wild

Have you ever come across a garden and sighed with the sheer impact it has on you? As a garden designer and writer this is one effect which I am always searching for, in my own designs but also in gardens I visit and write about. Clever composition in planting is one important aspect of a garden that feels magical. Carefully placed plants, with sympathetic companions make for visual feasts

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RTE Super Garden 2016 | The Search for the magical garden

It’s that time of the year again and I am delighted to be back filming the wonderful show that is RTE Super Garden. The popular show which sees five designers creating gardens for real homeowners with the hope of getting their winning garden a place at the Bloom in the Park festival on the June bank holiday weekend. This is no easy task, I know this because in 2012 I

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Birr Castle Hanami- Celebrating the Cherry 花見

I have never had the pleasure of visiting Japan but for many reasons it is on the top three of my dream destinations worldwide.  From the minimalist, considered and elegant design which so inspired me as an architecture student to the ceremonies of tea drinking which teach us how to truly embrace the current moment, this fascinating country with such a wealth of traditions has long had a strong pull

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Blume design house intends to bring the highest quality of design both Inside and out and strives to create extraordinary design for the client. As an Interior Architect and Garden Designer, Leonie Cornelius draws inspiration both from the natural prairie planting styles as well as clear architectural lines and symmetries resulting in an exciting synthesis of old and new. Nature and Architecture working in perfect harmony. The design philosophy is

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Photo by Colin Gillen/framelight.ie

WB Yeats -Words for Music

A few years ago the talented poet and playwright John Kavanagh approached me to collaborate on some singing for an album called ‘Words for Music’. John had taken some works of WB Yeats and set them to beautiful melodies on guitar. Coming together to record the album, the songs morphed into stunning pieces of music, some slow, some fast and together with the producer James Blennerhasset and the incredible studio

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