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string of hearts
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String of Hearts

Irish Independent Weekend Magazine | 14 Feb 2015 Everybody loves getting flowers as a gift. From bursting-with-colour bouquets to small gift-wrapped trees, nothing shows love and appreciation as much as giving a floral or growing gift. Flowers brighten the home and put a smile on our faces and with this in mind I decided to create a display for your Valentine’s table which uses both cut flowers as well as

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sempervivum arachnoidum

Spidery Bloom

Irish Independent Weekend Magazine| February 7 2014 At this time of the year our gardens are often still hibernating. Most plants still lie dormant and plants that are at their best are structural plants such as Hellebores and evergreen shrubs which I outlined last month. I discovered this This month I thought I would focus on some amazing low maintenance succulent plants to brighten up your indoor spaces. Succulents are

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hellebore 2
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Heavenly Hellebores

Irish Independent Weekend Magazine | 31 January 2015 Welcome to our final plant in for the January planting combination. Along with the delicate snowdrops, the architectural Blue Fescue grass and the lovely berries of last weeks plant the Viburnum, we now focus on the star of the scheme. Hellebores are absolutely stunning flowers. They are actually my favourite winter plant and there are so many different varieties that it is

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leonie festuca 1
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Grey Grass

Welcome to week two of our January planting combination. Last week we placed the first element, the delicate snowdrop into the front of the plan. This week we add some architectural interest in the form of Blue Fescue grass. Strictly speaking this plant prefers drier soil than the others in the combination but I have seen that this grass is virtually indestructable in my own garden.  This blue foliaged grass

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leonie galanthus
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I love seasons. The magical cycle is so exciting to watch in the garden. Late Summer is probably my favourite in all its spectacular colourful glory. Then again,  there is something very calming and poignant about Autumn with its golden foliage and textured seedheads.  Winter, dormant and quiet allows us all the time to reflect on our gardens and re-design and re-structure our schemes and ideas for our spaces.  And

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