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House of Ireland | Christmas Wishlist interview


Q A gift you received as a child that stands out in your memory?

My grandfather used to send me parcels from Germany every Christmas with lots of sweets, toys and mini electrical equipment! He was an electrical engineer and I loved to play with the sets he put together for me. He gave me instructions to build miniature circuits, bells, alarms and lighting systems. It’s such a special memory.


Q Any objects you particularly associate with Christmas Eve rituals?

Natural beeswax candles. We have always had a tradition to cover the whole house in candles on Christmas Eve and natural beeswax scent always makes me think of Christmas.


Q Did your family pass on any Christmas traditions to you?

In Germany where I am originally from we open presents on Christmas Eve. Now we still have this tradition but we have a second Christmas at my friend’s house on Christmas Day! The best of both worlds!


Q What are the most valued items in your home, and why?

I love my Limoges cup that I found at a flea market in France. It has a gold base and makes the tea look gorgeous. My laptop is definitely up there too because I use it every day for work. I also love my collection of artworks – I have some Tina Brooks, Lorna Watkins and Marilin North who are all very talented Irish artists.


Leonie has selected

Natural Edge Beech Bowl by Fred O’Mahony
Pink Horseshoe Cable V-neck Sweater by Ireland’s Eye
Light Blue Poncho by Riviera Cashmere
Be Yourself Silk Scarf by Susannagh Grogan


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Photo By: Colin Gillen & House of Ireland

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