w|ė by Leonie Cornelius

we stands for wild ėden, a design and lifestyle brand and magazine created by award winning designer Leonie Cornelius. The brand aims to create meaningful design and joyful moments with deep connections to wild nature, our gardens, ourselves and each other.

wildly beautiful design 

Leonie Cornelius is a garden designer and interior architect who specialises in customised garden and interior designs for companies and brands as well as private clients. Interested in how gardens impact you on a psychological level, Leonie aims to bring clients a space which is good for the soul, enhances the user’s lives and bring beauty, sustainability and balance to an often chaotic and ever switched on world.

w|ė magazine

Leonie’s lifestyle magazine draws on wild nature as inspiration to bring the reader a new lifestyle perspective and make your life more beautiful every day. Featuring inspiring stories for creating spaces and moments of joy in beautifully and thoughtfully designed gardens, interior and design, taking care of ourselves -body, mind and soul as well as creating lasting connections with the wild, ourselves and each other.



Author of the bestselling book ‘Dream Gardens’, writing is another one of Leonie’s passions and her unique design skills and self proclaimed love of sharing creative ideas can be seen in many publications. Her own columns include the Sunday Independent, the Irish Independent Weekend Magazine, Irish Country Magazine, The Irish Mail on Sunday as well as many others. Her work has been featured countless times both on the cover of national and international garden and press publications.

Her Show gardens at Bloom in the Park and Chelsea in Bloom have won her numerous Gold, silver gilt, silver   and best in category as well as best planting medals.


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