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Are we born designers?

From as far back as I can remember have been designing. At the age of eight, my friend and I would glue together lots of A4 pages to make one large A1 sheet and promptly cover it in dreams. Dream houses, dream gardens, dream worlds. Design was absolutely limitless and no-one told us we couldn’t create our perfect worlds. That we didn’t have the tools, the knowledge, the talent. We just did it.

My own path to where I am today as a designer however has been anything but straight.

After leaving school I decided I would be a singer, writing and recording songs was a form of expression, a design in itself and while creating a full length music album I started studying music management. Singing didn’t fulfill my need for hands on design though and it wasn’t long before I changed paths in my studies.

When I started a BA course in Hons. Interior Architecture it opened up so many possibilities. Suddenly I was given the skills to make all those dreams and ideas in my head come to life. On paper, in model form, in written word and at times in full design projects. I edited a design magazine, created many challenging design schemes and toyed with every style and approach.

Studying design was an extension of the dreaming we did as children, but it was so much more. It was where I learned to use these endless ideas in my head and put them into context, where we built models based on our visions and where abstract concept became tactile reality. It was where I started using my new-found knowledge and skill sets to imagine spaces of well formed, functional beauty, and it was where, through the years, each of us found our own unique style.

After I finished my Degree in Interior Architecture I decided to combine it with Garden Design as I believe that design is all-encompassing. Inside, outside, design is everywhere we look and it is an incredibly interesting and positive field to study and work in.

I now run my own Design studio BLUME Design on the Wild Atlantic West Coast of Ireland where I create Interiors, Gardens and lots more. I also write for the Irish Independent and other publications and do work on RTE Supergarden as the Mentor.

It’s funny, after all my studies and I am still doing what I have always done- dreaming and imagining design to create a world which is more beautiful, more functional and more joyful.

If you are interested in design and its many fascinating forms I can only recommend taking the leap and applying for a course in Interior Architecture and Design. 

Griffith College Offers a BA in Interior Architecture and has locations in Dublin, Cork and Limerick. To apply go to the Griffith College Dublin website website

Images courtesy of Griffith College Dublin

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