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Chelsea in Bloom

A Gold medal winning installation for the Dubarry or Ireland brand at Chelsea in Bloom 2014 in London.

The installation is about the story and the journey that the brand represents. The dreamy Irish landscapes and feeling at home in them. The feel of the colours blending together to create something wild, green and lush. The grasses, Iris and wild poppies are some plants that have inspired me to try and create something new and very eye catching…like a meadow on acid’.

Some of the plants: 
Grasses-Stipa Tenuissima

The Irish meadow is alive with many different types of grasses. I have chosen this variety to represent that feel for its soft feathery texture and beautiful green colour.


The Irish flag Iris can be seen in so many places, particularly near water. The plant name comes from the word rainbow, referring to the huge range of colours available. I have chosen blue Irises here to represent that feel of water and lushness.


The shape and feel of these plants echoes the poisonous foxgloves which can be found growing wild all over Ireland and for me really represent the Irish countryside perfectly. They are such a stunning and showy plant and yet so elegant and natural. The verbascum was chosen as the foxglove is poisonous.


The native Irish poppy can be found in meadows all over Ireland. I have chosen poppies in pink, orange and deep purple to represent the feel of the meadow. The significance of the poppy is also relevant in another form. This years Chelsea marks the centenary of WWI, and the poppy makes reference to the damaging effect of the war.  An estimated 200,000 Irish fought in the war.


Some Dubarry Brand history taken from Dubarry.ie

In 1937 a co-operative company was established to provide employment in a small town called Ballinasloe, in the heart of Galway on Ireland’s glorious West Coast.

The company was named Dubarry, after a famous French courtesan. Dubarry of Ireland’s beginnings were in the design and manufacturing of fine leather shoes. The business was fortunate to be able to draw on a local population of hard working craftsmen and women, and Dubarry soon developed a reputation for excellent workmanship and quality.

But we don’t rest on our laurels, Dubarry takes much design inspiration from the wild West Coast and Galway’s great sailing heritage to motivate and create superb deck shoes. Then by using the finest performance materials available, The Shamrock boot was created, Dubarry’s first dedicated sailing boot.

Dubarry then journeyed from the sea to the country, and created the most famous boot of all – The Signature Dubarry Galway Boot.

And the rest is history!


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