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Collaboration | A better approach to Design

Collaboration | A better approach to Design

Recently I had a great conversation about collaboration with some lovely colleagues of mine. While filming the RTE Super Garden TV Show, Raisin Lafferty and Gary Graham and I spoke about the importance of sharing ideas and how we have come creatively to this point when we finally recognise this: Sharing is good.

In a time where some people are still holding on to their creative ideas like private gems, there is a definite trend towards an opening up of our thought processes and design ideas. What good is a design idea if it never sees the light, and to be fair, about 90% of ideas don’t make it into actuality-they are simply thought processes that we need to explore to become that really strong and incredibly well formed design solution.

You see I think that what happens is when you hold on to your design ideas they stagnate and become condensed versions of one idea. Nothing new can grow in a place filled to the brim with your own private perfect plan.

What good is the best design idea if it never breathes life?

Often we may have a fear that someone may steal our ideas, grab our creative and run off with it to make it theirs. But that’s not really how it works in most cases. Think about it: are ideas that can be stolen so easily actually worth pursuing?

On the other hand, when we have open, honest conversations about design, holding nothing back, we not only learn from other people’s ideas, we also allow our brains to make room for new creative thoughts. In a sense we Spring clean our brains every time we have a good conversation about design with someone that is as open and generous with ideas as we are and that often leads to even better ideas.  To me this is vital and I have always been a firm believer in sharing.

This love of sharing ideas and making them stronger has led me personally to working with many inspiring craftspeople, designers, artists and brands. From furniture makers, handbag designers and ceramicists to brands with national and international appeal, I feel there is so much more to be gained by teaming up with others. I find it is not only an enjoyable and rewarding process but I have met some fantastically inspiring people along the way, many of whom I would consider close friends.

I have recently been asked to collaborate with the great Irish brand that is Woodies and here is a great example of the meeting of creative minds. When you have a strong goal and clear design ideas, then sharing your ideas and pooling resources is a wonderful eye opener. For me, a small bespoke, design-only firm based on the wild Atlantic West cost of Ireland,  it is a pleasure to open up the design process to so many people who are not only great at what they do, but share as generously as I like to. Ideas naturally ferment to become stronger, clearer, more strategic and ultimately so much more rewarding in their result.

Leonie Cornelius at Woodies has just been officially launched and will see many exciting projects coming soon.  Woodie’s

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