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Design package | A Day in Your Garden


Not everyone needs a full garden design which incorporates all elements. Sometimes you just need some feedback and advice to make your garden come to life.  My  ‘A Day in Your Garden’   package gives you exactly this- expert advice for exactly the things you need help with. Whether planting, design questions, layout ideas, material guidance or getting a concept idea for your space- this fun explorative session aims to help you turn your garden from boring to beautiful.

How does it work?

This package is a fun and explorative session which is based around exactly what you need from the design side. I will come to your garden and meet you for a one-on-one session (typically 2-3 hours) which brings you valuable hands on advice and expert garden knowledge on the day without having to commit to the full garden design package.

After our meeting you will be given a package outlining the things we spoke about and you will have a valuable feedback file to work from and add to wherever you need it.

This is perfect for people who want to dream up planting schemes, re-develop a patio area or simply plan a new layout in their garden.

The idea is to create a design based totally on your ideas and dreams in a fun and personal one-on-one session on the day.  The beautiful vouchers also make a perfect gift!






The price of each session is – €950* 

To buy a voucher just email me at corneliusleonie@me.com and I can advise on the perfect package for you.

Pleas note that the above is based on a small-medium size garden and the larger the space-the less detail may be provided due to time constraints.



* (Depending on your location a fee for mileage & travel may be added)

Photo By: Colin Gillen

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