The Designer’s Eye

Some gardens take your breath away. Whether through sophisticated planting design, clever colour or material use or spectacular visual settings; some gardens just shine brighter than others.Learn all about gardens through the eye of design.

Plant Files

We love plants, blooms, leaves, petals, structure and texture, and their fascinating facts and associations. Dive in and explore the amazing world of plants and their details.

Designer Plant Combinations

Combining plants is one of the most exciting things in gardens. Learn what plants work with what and get designer tips on creative ideas for your garden space

Plant by Colour

Colour is one of the most exciting things in the garden. Colour in planting schemes, on walls, in materials. Here’s some colour inspiration fro you!

Garden Visits

Visiting gardens is one of our favourite things to do. Whether private or public, local, national or International, we would’ve to visit you and feature your space.

The Outside In

Show us a garden where the Inside and outside are not linked. This section brings you ideas for interior green and outside living.

Sligo Races Ladies Day Photo by Colin Gillen

Interested in learning more

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