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I know here at w|ė that your garden deserves something special. It’s about how you live your life, how you see yourself spending your days and it’s about those moments of joy every day. My design packages aim to delve into all this and help you achieve your dream garden.

I have various packages to choose from. Here is an overview guide:

The Garden Essence package- is an overview plan and concept package. This is a great option if you’d like an overview plan, ideas for materials, design locations for things such as pergolas, patios, furniture etc as well as concept ideas and planting suggestions. While it does not go into full detailed design it does give you an overview of all features and ideas and you can have them individually detailed where required anytime after if the build goes ahead and builders need details etc.

Full Design  

My main garden design package works in a personal on site consultation session which guides you through the process of custom design for your space. In a personal design relationship I will create drawings for you which become your  custom package which sees your space totally transformed and will leave you with a garden package ready to bring to life.


Day visit – ‘Day in your Garden’- Package

The ‘Day in your Garden package is  aimed at helping you with a specific area with less detail than the full package. It aims to give you some custom feedback ideas for your space exactly where you need it. 
This package generally includes:
  • On-site advice and ideas as we meet. All questions welcome!
  • A sketch guide sketch plan of what you have- plan of existing plants
  • A custom planting mood board which gives you overall inspiration to work from
  • How to bring a coherent feel to the space/create a planting concept
  • An overview of what to remove (if necessary) and what to add to create a coherent custom scheme

I also have standalone planting packages- for the whole garden or just a corner- if you only need planting design.

I’d love to talk to you about your ideas when it suits you. Booking an online session is a super easy way to get started!

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