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Your 2024 Garden Intentions Guide

Your 2024 Garden Intentions Guide

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am delighted you’ve decided to create your own garden design intentions for your 2024 garden.  Below is my free ‘Garden Intentions’ guide for you. It’s aim is to inspire and give you adaptable worksheets for creating your own task list for your dream space. 

It’s a super way to get your ideas flowing for your 2024 dream garden. I’d love to know what you think.

2024 summer gardens will be fabulous! 

Stay wild x






Want to dive into more detailed design?

If you’re interested in learning more I’d love to invite you to my new workshop which runs on the 15th of January online on  Eventbrite. It’s an evening workshop where we explore design in some fascinating ways. More info can be found here.

It’s only €45 for the 1.5 hour workshop with me and it’s jam packed full of incredible inspiration!

I would love to see you there






More about resolutions V Intentions

Do you make resolutions or set intentions? ✨ at this time of the year we often make new ‘resolutions’ when it comes to our quality of living. For health, well-being, weight loss, fitness, etc but it’s strange….the word resolution in itself often feels like we are broken and we need to fix ourselves. And then we give up- becase we have not set intentions as a guide to action.

So what’s the difference?

Resolutions are destinations which we often don’t have a clear roadmap for.

-INTENTIONS on the other hand are aims that guide action; an objective.

This is why I believe intentions are much more powerful, because they not only frame a desired outcome for our dreams, but also give a roadmap on how to achieve the things we want.

Garden intentions are the same. It’s all about the ACTION + PLAN.

Clients often tell me they have new years resolution -like ‘stop killing plants’ or ‘finally get that garden I’ve been dreaming about’.

And that’s all great but let’s not forget set real intentions which become your roadmap to make that dream a reality. This means you are identifying what you want, taking aim at some steps and creating something which guides you in action 💪

So here’s an example in garden desing resolution V Intention:

-Resolution: I will have my dream garden for 2024.

-Intention: To achieve my dream garden in 2024 I will spend some time identifying a style I like, explore my garden space while it is dormant & identify the steps for creating it.

See how this becomes the start of a list?
-It’s task orientated, tickable and achievable. (I love- love -love a good list!)


Happy dreaming


x Leonie

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