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Leonie Cornelius Woodies DIY, Ireland, by Suzy McCanny Photography, Fashion-photographer-Sligo-Ireland,_E5A7093.CR2
Leonie Cornelius Woodies DIY, Ireland, by Suzy McCanny Photography, Fashion-photographer-Sligo-Ireland,_E5A7025.CR2
Leonie Cornelius Woodies DIY, Ireland, by Suzy McCanny Photography, Fashion-photographer-Sligo-Ireland,_E5A7099.CR2

Luxury Dark Christmas

December is one of my favourite times of the year.  Every year, Winter seems to surprise me with its arrival. Suddenly, the temperatures drop and you are given beautiful Winter mornings , with their crisp, frosty-pink, dawn glow. In the evenings darkness falls sooner, often bringing amazing star-studded, sky blankets of inky blue. Every year I forget how breathtakingly beautiful nature is in Winter. It is this nature that is always a wonderful source of inspiration for me. Whether Summer meadows or Winter skies, I love taking cues from the colours and textures of the great outdoors. So this month I thought I would draw on the beauty of the Winter night sky and textures of the Winter garden to create some ideas for decorating your home this Christmas.

Happy decorating.


Suzy McCanny Photography

Suzy McCanny Photography

A Luxury Dark tree: A glamorous take on the Christmas tree

When it comes to Christmas trees, tastes vary so much. Many people like the traditional real trees, with their delicious scent while others prefer to get a good quality synthetic tree, making the process of getting ready for Christmas that little bit simpler year after year. Others like to experiment a little-think upside down Christmas trees or modern interpretations of the tree. Personally, I like to change it up every year. While last year I had a traditional Douglas fir, this year I wanted to create something a little modern and surprising. I did however not want to lose the feel of bringing nature into the home.

My solution is an old Hawthorn tree which had fallen over which I cut down to use as my festive tree. The tree itself has a wonderful gnarled shape, making it ideal for hanging baubles on. One thing I love about this type of tree, or branch if your space is limited, is that the colour of the bark and the textures of the tree work wonderfully with the shiny modern baubles.

Suzy McCanny Photography

Suzy McCanny Photography

The contrast of the natural textures with the glamour of the decorations makes for a wonderful combination.

I also love the little bits of moss on the tree and the irregularity of the branches. The fact that the branches are bare also really shows off the beautiful baubles to great effect. What better place for this tree than a dark corner in the house where the golden baubles glisten like little jewels. Divine.


Golden Giving: Ideas for a festive table in full bloom

When it comes to setting tables for Christmas I like to choose a strong concept and follow through on it in everything placed on the table. From candles to gift wrap, colour selection to tablecloths and the colour selection for all, the concept should be reflected in everything placed on the table.

The concept here was ‘Golden Night sky’ and I wanted the colours and the feel of the display to reflect that feel of Winter sky.

The first part of the setting is comprised of a centre piece that has impact. Making this branch wreath is actually easier than you think, given you have some time on your hands. Really it is just a layering of branches which I nailed together from below and added some smaller branches to the top. It makes for a wonderful centre piece which I then placed the stunning Orchids into. For me, the Orchid is a wonderful sensual flower that works with almost any scheme- from Spring and Summer, through Autumn and Winter. The white flowers I chose here are reflections of nature during Winter, most flowers we see are white in colour at this time of the year and the dots of pink in the right Orchid reflect the berries on the trees. Any accessories we add need to suit the concept perfectly-from the beautiful round pots to the scattered baubles on the table and the stunning glowing golden hanging wreath lamp,  colours are simple and all based around the idea of the ‘Golden Night sky’. To pick up on the textural branch wreath I added a few more hawthorn branches to the background of the table, making the scheme feel more natural as well as working wonderfully with the Hawthorn Christmas tree.

Suzy McCanny Photography

Suzy McCanny Photography

Luxury Orchid Wreath. 

Trees are now showing the beauty of their branches and barks and the colour palette for flowers has simplified to delicate whites and lime greens. This calm palette of natures colours is the perfect starting point for this beautiful modern but rustic wreath. The hand-made wood wreath is a simple layering of cut branches and twigs which have been attached to each other in a circle by nails and a staple gun. It is actually very simple but so effective and it can be used for so many different displays. Here I have used it in combinations with a variety of white Orchids from the indoor range as well as some highly scented Freesias and the contrast of the glamorous tropical blooms with the rustic branches of the wreath create a stunning display!

This rustic wood and floral wreath makes the most  perfect table top display for dining

It also makes a really beautiful wreath for hanging on your doors and windows inside.

These beautiful products are all from the Woodies Luxury Dark range

Photo By: Suzy McCanny Photography

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