Ready for wild garden living?

Welcome to the second issue of the w|ėMAGAZINE which aims to bring you wildly beautiful inspiration and joy straight to your inbox the first Sunday of every month. This month we have so much amazing wild beauty, hands on tips for garden living and inspiration for you. In our editorial feature we look at a new way of designing spaces for outdoor living and provide you with tips and ideas for bringing your space to life. We chat to the amazing artist and plantsman TJ Maher and learn and how to combine colour for dreamy borders and get some tips on how to grow Dahlias from seed. We also have exciting designer advice from Ireland’s best designers and we dive into a world of wild living recommendations for you so you can add stylish and wild inspired elements to your lives everyday. Let’s go outside!

Join w|ė and let’s celebrate a wild and beautiful lifestyle in our everyday.


Dreaming of Color

Ever wondered what a garden created by an artist looks like? We talk to the talented T.J. Maher of Patthana Garden in Wicklow and pick his brain on the process behind his wonderful creation. If you want to learn about how gardens can be approached through the eyes of colour and why a natural approach is everything then read on for massive fix of the beauty of wild colour!

w|ė LOVE

This month we have added lots gorgeous products to our edit. From fancy hoses to games and soft-soft Irish throws, wellness to home and some fab ideas to make your garden your outdoor living room. Dive into a world of wild living recommendations an add stylish and wild inspired elements to your garden life.