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Online Design Packages

Online Design Packages

Ready to get your dreams started?

We know here at w|ė that one size does not suit all. Sometimes you need lots of advice, other times you need a little more and at times you need the whole start-finish deal. That’s why we have a range of options available to suit your needs, all available from the comfort of your home in this crazy time we find ourself in right now!

To start we have the initial online 1-on-1 Consultation with Leonie. This meeting  is all about getting to know each other and taking your brief. The idea is for you too send us all your ideas and as much info as possible about your garden so that on the day of our meeting we can make some decisions, get your ideas flowing and get your dream garden ideas started.

If you then want to progress the ideas further, the online Garden Essence package is perfect for fleshing out the idea and starts to look in more detail at exactly what you need. It is based on a garden sketch design plan, a concept feel for the garden as well as some planting ideas. It also gives you a custom concept which is unique to your garden as well as planting, material and colour ideas for your space so that you can start making it a reality. As it is a custom package it can also be adapted to suit you should you have slightly different requirements for the space. 

The new  ‘My Dream Border’  is aimed at creating a custom planting scheme border for a specific area of your garden. It aims to transform a smaller area (like a patio border or planting along a wall etc- approx 3×10 maximum size) and gives you a full planting plan, design concept for the border, a planting list with quantities and imagery showing how they are combined. Basically this is for you if you want to transform one border completely but doesn’t need to address larger areas.

For more details or on-site packages do get in touch with us and we will be happy to help guide you to your perfect design package. Currently due to Covid restriction we are not taking on any on-site work but do get in touch if you prefer this and we can make a plan!

If you would like to book  initial consultation online you can do this here:

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