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Ever dreamed of designing our own space but have no idea where to start ?

Here’s your chance to create your own Dream garden.

Whether it’s you want to take it step by step or design it from start to … READ MORE


PLANT IN FOCUS | Blue Jewel Cornflowers

The hue of this week’s chosen plant is so recognizable that an actual colour has been named after the plant. Cornflower blue is a stunning shade of medium to light blue and was one of the favourite colours of the … READ MORE

w|ė MAGAZINE August Editorial

Dahlia Obsession

Who loves dahlias? I am delighted to welcome you to the sixth edition of my wild ėden magazine. This month we delve deep into a topic which I am sure so many of you are as obsessed with … READ MORE

Recipe | Caribbean Chicken and Dahlia Salad

Anyone else in need of a tropical holiday? Inspired by the feel of a Caribbean beach, here is a delicious and super easy recipe for lunch or dinner. A holiday on a plate 🍽


  • Organic chicken drumsticks,

Bold & Beautiful | Planting some Diva Plants with Annette Coleman

Bold and beautiful- How to choose some plants with serious wow factor

I know Autumn is fast approaching when the leaves start to drift off the trees and perennials are starting to turn delicious shades of gold and orange.  It … READ MORE

Weekend Projects | Edible Flower Fun

 With so much in blossom this month I thought it would be lovely to have a look at some flowers from an edible point of view. You’d be amazed at how many of the flowers in the garden we see

w|ė MAGAZINE July Editorial

Wild Wellness – It’s all about wild wellness joy

I am so delighted to welcome you to the fifth edition of my wild ėden magazine. This month was an absolute pleasure to write. Inspired by how important our gardens and … READ MORE