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Courses Overview

Ever dreamed of designing our own space but have no idea where to start ? Here’s your chance to create your own Dream garden. Whether it’s you want to take it step by step or design it from start to … READ MORE

LEAFY | The shape of green things

Today the sun is shining and the trees are glowing in the autumn sunlight.  What a gorgeous time of the year. It is a super time to consider the power of leaves and the role their various shapes play


Wild Water ・Why we should add water to every garden

Did you know that adding a pond to your garden for wildlife is one of the best things you can do to help regenerate biodiversity? It’s amazing to think that almost every body of water, from the smallest to the … READ MORE

Gardening on wet soil

You know that area in the garden that you’ve been struggling with for years?The one where rain water collects, moss covers damp soil and even grass fails to grow? Yes, that one. We all know it. Many of us


Minty fresh | Create a mint scented haven

Who does not love the scent of mint? That recognisably tangy aroma, so green and refreshing is something most of us associate with Summer cocktails and delicious steaming tea. Today mint has made its way into many of our everyday

Water Lilies | Grow your own candy coloured gems for the water garden

I have always been fascinated with water lilies. Many years ago as a child I visited a botanic garden in France and marvelled at the stunning colours of the tropical varieties in the glasshouses. Vivid pinks, striking purples and snow


Making Shapes ・The vital role of shape and form in the garden

Most of us experience gardens in an intuitive way. We either feel good in a space or we feel uncomfortable. We tend to either like the garden or we don’t. Unbeknownst to many, there are often clever principles at work