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Ever dreamed of designing our own space but have no idea where to start ?

Here’s your chance to create your own Dream garden.

Whether it’s you want to take it step by step or design it from start to … READ MORE


w|ė LOVE May Edit

Eating outside? For the w|ė MAGAZINE May Edit we thought we would bring you some ideas for living and dining outdoors.  We will be adding ongoing furniture, sustainable products, wellness treats… and much more throughout this month. Get inspired and … READ MORE

THE TASTE OF WILD -Rethinking how we eat today

EAT WILD | A new time to discover wild food and connections

What a strange time we live in right now. A sort of in-between moment of neither here nor there. It is fascinating to see how our everyday over


Finn van der Aar | Surf, Seasonal food & Sea Spaghetti

When it comes to getting inspired for recipes we are truly spoiled here in Ireland. There are many different sources of inspiration which chefs can source from. The land and gardens, foraging wild or growing in kitchen gardens is one


Eddie Atwell | Wild in West Cork, Raw Ingredients & Memories

The first time I met Eddie Atwell was during the brief reprieve in lockdowns last July. I had heard of a young chef who was doing great things in a dreamy hotel on the ocean in West Cork. Eddie Atwell


WILD RECIPE | Eddie Atwell’s Ultimate Garden Inspired Summer treat

Coolea cheese soda rarebit, stout pickled sprouting onions, wild greens

By Eddie Atwell

This gorgeous recipe by Chef Eddie Atwell of Eccles Hotel is a stunningly flavoured lunch which celebrates all things seasonal and wild. The idea is to use … READ MORE

Chad Byrne | The Hungry Donkey, Kerry Wild & Global Inspiration

For the w|ė MAGAZINE May Interviews we reached out to a man who we heard was doing incredible things with  local and simple ingredients….from a horse box in rural Kerry. Interested in how this past year has shaped the way