Dahlia Clair-Obscur

Dahlia Clair-Obscur from Farmer Gracy



That colour! This gorgeous dahlia tuber goes wonderfully with oranges and light dusty pinks. Dahlia ‘Clair-Obscur’ is anything but obscure. There’s nothing vague or unknown and certainly there’s nothing concealed. Dahlia‘Clair-Obscur’ is right there in your face in the summer garden. And she’s very ‘Clair’ or ‘clear’ about the beauty she gives it. One of the cactus varieties of dahlias, she sports long somewhat twisting tubes which spread like rays from the central group of short upright petals. In her case the tubes end in fringe-like tips like little white fingers reaching towards you!

€4.49 per tuber or six for €19.50 BUY on Farmer Gracy