Sealore Sea Radiance 

Luxury Lavender hand cream from L’OCCITANE en Provence



This wonderful company hails from the wild west coast of Ireland – in fact from a sliver of coast which is in Leitrim. I have long been a fan of their products and first came across them a few years ago while I was doing and innovation course with enterprise Ireland. What stayed in my head and heart and why am I still a fan now is the dedication and quality of super high-end ingredients that Dolores and her daughter Nadine put into these creams and products. I have  been solid fan of their product and was delighted when they asked me to take part in some branding shoots for them.

The SeaRadiance cream is the most decadent three rose cream (wild-harvested organic rosehip seed oil, rose flower water and Bulgarian rose flower extract) which also has jasmine, skin-conditioning sandalwood and pro-aging Immortelle.