SeaÓr by VOYA -health and wellbeing dietary supplements

Health and wellbeing dietary supplements


Sea Ór is a new premium range of health and wellbeing dietary supplements developed in partnership with leading nutritionists and scientists. We recognised the benefits of feeding the skin from within and the important role food supplements can play in enhancing skin, health, and wellbeing.

The concept for our seaweed dietary supplements began in 2016 and was born from our love of the sea, our unique knowledge of seaweed and its countless benefits for the human body. Sea Ór supplements have been created following years of extensive and proven research and are the most scientifically advanced, active seaweed supplements to be launched onto the international wellness and dietary supplement market.

Formulated using a proprietary blend of scientifically selected seaweeds, our exclusive marine complex Orplex™ and specially selected vitamins and minerals, they will enhance your health & wellbeing from the inside out.

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