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RECIPE-Roasted golden Baby beets with whole caramelised garlic cloves

RECIPE-Roasted golden Baby beets with whole caramelised garlic cloves

This one’s all from the garden. The baby beets, the garlic and even the olive oil and lemon juice (though admittedly the olives and lemons were not grown by me!).  This is the most simple recipe out of all and makes for a super nibble to serve due to the bite size of the gorgeous beets and the sweetness of the roasted garlic. The key is all about the freshness and quality of the beet and other ingredients.
What you need: 
-Yellow Baby beetroots -garlic cloves, 
-Organic olive oil, 
-Fleur de sel (or coarse sea salt)
-lemon juice (to avoid browning)
To make: 
I washed the beetroots just before I cooked them as the soil keeps them fresh after harvesting. 
-I then simply placed garlic and beets on a baking tray with a small bit of water on the tray to avoid them drying out while roasting and sprinkled them with coarse Fleur de sel salt. (any coarse sea salt will do but this is the queen of salts!)
-I then baked them in the oven for twenty minutes. You should aways keep the peel on while cooking or baking them as otherwise the nutrients are lost. I actually love to eat them with the peel as this tends to get crispy and delicious roasted but if you prefer you can peel them before serving, revealing the zesty lemon colour. 
-I left the leaves on them when I roasted them because I prefer how it looks and they are like little handles to hold them but if you prefer them without simply cut them off at the base. 
-serve on a platter with the roasted garlic 
Baby Beets
Beetroot is one of the easiest vegetables to grow and what’s wonderful about it is that if you grow them fairly late in the year you can even harvest them now, perfectly in time for Christmas dinner. I sowed my golden beets in Autumn (though admittedly in the glasshouse where they seem to grow well for most of the year). Baby beets are basically just beets picked before the are fully mature, often they are picked out to give more space to areas where too many beets were sowed. I love the flavour of these small brightly coloured beets and while they are not as sweet as red beets, they have a lovely earthy mellow flavour and are perfect for slicing in a salad or roasting.


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