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The Nature Enthusiast’s Garden | A natural haven for wildlife by Jane McCorkell

The Nature Enthusiast’s Garden | A natural haven for wildlife by Jane McCorkell

A natural haven for wildlife by Jane McCorkell


The Nature Enthusiast’s Garden

‘People often think that a natural garden has to look uncared for but that is not the case. You can add form and function and still achieve a natural style,’

reveals landscape architect, Jane McCorkell. This garden has been designed for a family of nature enthusiasts and will suit every age group, she says. ‘Young kids will love the hedgehog house and strawberry pallet wall while older children and teenagers will appreciate the easy-access bike storage and the outside room which can be transformed into a den or home office as the need arises.’

The garden is planted in Jane’s signature natural, organic style, with a wildflower grass area and pollinator-friendly flowers. ‘The shrubs and flowers have been selected to encourage birds, bees and other insects.

Bird feeders, butterfly houses, and bug hotels can easily be added to attract more wildlife.’ A living wall and green-roofed storage further boosts this garden’s eco-credentials.


Planning and experimenting is key to a successful garden design, says Jane. ‘You need to be prepared to interact with the garden. Be observant. Watch what happens throughout the day and the seasons. It’s not always a good idea to rush right in, you need to plot how the sun travels through the garden and plan how you will use it at different times of the day, particularly if you are considering investing in hard landscaping.’


Nature enthusiasts of all ages will love this south-west facing garden that is a haven for wildlife. 

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