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Life is one big collaboration! Who plants to play?

At w|ė we love to collaborate with artists, architects, designers and carefully chosen creative wild inspired brands! Our favourite thing to do is to cross pollinate ideas. Like a bee, hopping from flower to flower and leaving pollen everywhere… the idea is to create something special together which happens in the collaboration.

Collaborations with carefully chosen wild inspired brands has been one of our great joys. Here are a few of our all time favourites.

The Leonie Cornelius & L’OCCITANE Gardening Times

This collaboration with well known beauty brand L’Occitane en Provence was all about the power of wild beauty and how to incorporate sensual wellness aspects into your own garden. The wonderful brand inspired us to create three concepts for people to create in their own gardens. A L’Occitane Wellness Garden, a L’Occitane Perfume Garden and a L’Occitane Blossom garden. Three gorgeous scheme ideas which found their way permanently onto the official L’Occitane website.

Leonie Cornelius L'Occitane en Provence


READ: N1. The Leonie Cornelius & L’OCCITANE Gardening Times


w|ė by Leonie x Eadach by Sara O’Neill


One of my favourite collaborations ever was with my friend the amazing artist Sara O’Neill. This dreamy wearable work of art was hand drawn by Sara for our Bloom Festival in Phoenix Park garden for sponsors The Irish Wheelchair Association which was called ‘The Great Outdoors’ and which celebrated universal accessibility for all. Sara was inspired by the Victorian language of flowers and mythology, looking into the symbolism of the flowers and amazing little creatures found in gardens. Featuring the same plants found in the garden this ‘In Bloom’ scarf to this day makes me so happy. The perfect collaborative example of nature informing design and design celebrating wild nature. For more check out Sara’s incredible work on her website here and your can get your own ‘In Bloom’ the scarf right here on Sara’s Shop


Sara O'Neill design for the collaboration with Leonie Cornelius at Bloom



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