Welcome to the May edition of w | ė magazine, the online wild based lifestyle magazine which brings monthly stories, knowledge and recommendations to you, all based on a wild and beautiful approach.

This month w|ė the magazine looks at wild food and how the past year has changed how we experience the act of enjoying food- anyone else feel like nature has become our kitchen, dining room and all round inspiration? We explore the idea that something has shifted in ourselves psychologically to a more slow, connected and beautiful way of eating…and living.

 We talk to some amazing chefs about the importance of wild food and how nature shapes their living and cooking experience. We also have an incredible wild inspired recipe from Eddie Atwell from Eccles Hotel in Cork and some gorgeous wild inspired food, garden, home and living recommendations.

Join w|ė and let’s celebrate a wild and beautiful lifestyle in our everyday. 



Our wild nature has become so much more than it has been over the past year and a bit. It has not only been our haven, our escape, our gym and spa, for many of us it has also become our dining room and kitchen. This month we talk to some incredible chefs who find in inspiration in the wild.

Eddie Atwell tells us about how the wild of West Cork finds its way into his incredible dishes,  we talk to  Chad Byrne about the process behind his Hungry Donkey project and Finn Ni Fhaolain tells us about her earliest food memory and how this year has shaped how she sees food.

Read on for a massive fix of wild food inspiration!

Love a bit of wild in your everyday? We have selected some gorgeous wild inspired foodie and dining products for you for May. Home wares, subscriptions to wild bouquets, inspiring courses on wild food and much much more. Read on for lots of designer recommendations from the best wild inspired brands.

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