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w|ė MAGAZINE Wild West Editorial

w|ė MAGAZINE Wild West Editorial

The Wild West

I recently had someone visit me to ask about shooting a movie in the location where I live. It was only when I started telling them about what had brought me to the place that I realised why my parents had chosen this incredible part of the world on the edge of Europe when they were looking for a place to move when I was small. Anyone that’s ever been to the West of Ireland will know how special this place really is. From the coast to the mountains, the area is steeped in magic, history and culture.

One of the things I love most personally of course is the wild magic of the surrounding landscape and its unique flora. The abundance of wildflowers, the lush green….this part of the world really is so unique.

It is no wonder that so many creative people choose this art of the world as their home. From artists to musicians, writers and designers the West of Ireland is a wonderful place to be creative and get inspired. This month we have some incredible interviews with writer of ‘The Crooked Tree’ Una Mannion, the wild adventurer and VOYA founder Mark Walton, chef extraordinaire of Shells and Baker Boys cafes Myles Lamberth, the incredible musician Steve Wickham and the renowned artist Clea van der Grijn. We chat to them about their passions, their work and their links to the wild nature of the West of Ireland.

Thank you to all the wonderful creatives who shared their thoughts for this issue and a special thank you goes out to journalist David North who helps create these wonderful interviews.

Dive in and get inspired! Join w|ė and let’s celebrate a wild and beautiful lifestyle in our everyday.


w|ė MAGAZINE is an online wild based lifestyle magazine which brings stories, knowledge and recommendations to you, all based on a wild and beautiful approach. w|ė will explore and celebrate topics which resonate with people, to bring an awareness to current issues we face in our shared wild spaces and to connect with like-minded people globally.

There will be interviews with inspiring creatives- designers, architects, chefs, writers, psychologists, doctors, and wild thinkers, creators and dreamers. Through gardens, food, wellness, health and inspiring stories for wild living, we will also link to courses in wild design and lifestyle and have exciting news soon on creative collaborations with incredible wild inspired people and brands.

Join w|ė to celebrate a wild and beautiful lifestyle in our everyday.


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