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Grey Grass

Grey Grass

Welcome to week two of our January planting combination. Last week we placed the first element, the delicate snowdrop into the front of the plan. This week we add some architectural interest in the form of Blue Fescue grass. Strictly speaking this plant prefers drier soil than the others in the combination but I have seen that this grass is virtually indestructable in my own garden.  This blue foliaged grass is an incredibly versatile plant and works really well in contemporary gardens, in containers and interspersed within a scheme as a supporting structural plant.  Good planting design needs not only main focal plants but also supporting plants that allow the focals to shine and this plant can be used to great effect for this. Its shape is neat and rounded and planted within this scheme it gives a structural ground-cover to the Hellebores and the Viburnum. Its subtle blue-green needle like foliage is a lovely contrast to the rounded Viburnum leaves and the thick, shiny Hellebore foliage.  I would suggest adding in a it of grit when planting this plant to make sure it has adequate drainage within the scheme.

Care: Comb through the needle like foliage to remove any dead winter foliage. Ensure drainage is adequate in a border but if you do decide to put them in containers make sure they are watered well. Pick up this lovely plant at all Homeland stores.

Photo by Colin Gillen


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