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GARDEN DESIGN | A love letter to the West

GARDEN DESIGN | A love letter to the West

This award winning show garden is a garden in homage to the beautiful west of Ireland.

The design offers a modern, personal take on the joy of living in this beautiful part of the world and aims to capture the spirit and atmosphere to be found in the calm deep waters, unique wild planting and gentle woodlands.The garden is split roughly into three sections with the highest back layer being a collection of native trees in front of a dark fence, serving as a tall dense backdrop for the garden.


At the heart of the garden and providing shelter from the rain is a modern hut created from burnt timber, in reference to the beautiful bog oak of the West’s boglands. This central hut is surrounded by wild meadow inspired planting and allows the user to enjoy a 360 degree view of the garden. The hut is a space for contemplation, for drinking tea and for laughing with friends.


The soft, natural planting becomes lower towards the front and after the natural stone path, it dips into the third and last part of the garden, a dark pool of still water with subtle waterside planting.

The Hut central to the design gives the user the feeling of being totally immersed in the garden, surrounded by nature on all sides, whilst offering protection from the elements making this a hugely versatile place to enjoy no matter what the weather…..quite important in the West! The small outer deck of the hut also allows one to sit outside the hut, with your feet in the water on a good day.

Sustainability and environmental impact of garden:

The timber used for the hut and fence is locally sourced and preserved in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. By burning the surface of the all timbering the garden the life span is increased significantly in outdoor use and there is no need to reapply chemical preservatives year after year. Through use of Irish grown plants the garden supports local growers.

The beautiful furniture was custom made by master craftsman Charles Perpoil. It also went through the same technique of burning to be preserved.

Medal: Silver Gilt at Bloom in the Park 2013


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