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Book Online Sessions

1-on-1 Design session with Leonie Cornelius


Duration – 1 hr
Cost – €250 EUR

This one on one personal design consultation is a chance to get all your questions out there and get your ideas flowing (and then to get a custom design feedback PDF package from me!).

I am there to to listen to your garden design questions and give appropriate advice and feedback where needed.


After our meeting I will prepare a custom feedback file for you giving you advice on what spoke about and some helpful tips for going forwards with your unique design.

Things that are helpful (but not vital) prior to virtual meet:

  • some images of your space which you can send me
  • some notes of what you’d like to ask and what you need advice on
  • A few notes on what your main objectives are for the meeting.

Thank you so much for connecting and I can’t wait to talk and get your dream garden started!




GARDEN ESSENCE custom package

Duration – 1 hr online consult and design package

Cost – €980

‘GARDEN ESSENCE’ Online garden design package!

My new online garden package aim to get your creative juices flowing and give you your very own wow factor custom garden design concept and ideas for your space, from the comfort of your own home.

So what is the Garden Essence package?

While my traditional garden designs focus on the often relatively complex process of personal meeting, initial on-site survey and detailed drawings this new package aims to bring your garden concept ideas to life in a remote concept package, making your design concept a reality even in these challenging times of social distancing.

Working with your garden visuals, your dreams for the space and the virtual walkthrough we do together- I will create gorgeous Garden Essence package especially for you.

How it works: 

  1. You book your start date on my website- these first online consultations are available as you look at the booking but if you need a different time/day of the week just let me know and I’ll be happy to accommodate you.
  2. Our initial consultancy call will be done online on either Zoom (or Skype, FaceTime or what’s app- whichever works best for you).  I will ask you to do a virtual tour of your garden so that I can see what you have to work with. (ideally any site plans or architect drawings would be very helpful!)
  3. I will then ask you to fill out a fun custom questionnaire to get an idea of your space and most of all your dreams for the site.  If you have an existing site plan brilliant- if not I will ask you to do a simple outline survey of your space. Don’t worry- it’s easy and I’ll guide you through it.
  4. Now it’s time for you to relax and me to get creative. I will prepare your custom concept package especially for you giving you an idea of how amazing your garden could be in the future and some ideas for how to approach the space going forwards.

Every GARDEN ESSENCE concept package is unique but generally it can include: 

  • A custom concept unique to your garden
  • A custom design mood board for material and finishes choices
  • colour choice mood board unique to your garden
  • conceptual sketch plan of your space
  • planting mood board based on your concept
  • A PDF file of suggested plants for your garden
  • Some ideas outlining the suggested next steps for bringing your concept to reality.

Things that are helpful (but not vital) prior to virtual meet:

  • A general idea of what you’re hoping to get from the package and the main areas you’d like to look at.
  • Any ideas, visuals or notes- (pinterest is brilliant!) images etc of what you’d like to achieve with your space. The more ideas you have to offer me the more ‘you’ the garden ideas will be!


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