Dahlia Obsession -who else is addicted?

 I am delighted to welcome you to the sixth edition of my wild ėden magazine. This month we delve deep into a topic which I am sure so many of you are as obsessed with as I am…the beauty of the incredible dahlia. Why the flowers which hail from South America seem to bring out such a fascinating obsession in so many of us…. and how the power of these plants can be brought into your garden and home. I have been absolutely obsessed with my own dahlias- which I grew myself for the first year -and they are not an easy plant…..but wow are they rewarding! Inspired by these fascinating diva plants this issue is all about learning about the plants roots (literally and figuratively) how to include them in your own scheme, Annette Coleman’s garden in County Sligo and much more.

Let’s dive into the dahlia! 🌸

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