Wild Water

Welcome to the latest issue of my online w|ėMAGAZINE which aims to bring you wildly beautiful inspiration and joy straight yo your inbox. This issue is all about the power of water. In our editorial feature we look at how important it is to add water to the garden, no matter how small or large the space is which you have. With recent events around the globe, the importance of water has never been more vital. Where to start? In the garden!

From creating a large scale water feature pond to tiny little backyard features with kids, bringing water to a space is one of the best things you can do for wildlife and sustainability.

In this issue we celebrate the gorgeous mint plant, how to add water lilies to your water feature and last but not least we look at what to plant when you have marshy ground on your site.  Let’s dive in.


Join w|ė and let’s celebrate a wild and beautiful lifestyle in our everyday.

w|ė Wild Water Garden Design features

Whether you’re thinking of planting lilies, marshy plants or trees, here are some ideas for the wild wet garden

Gardening on wet soil

You know that area in the garden that you’ve been struggling with for years?The one where rain water collects, moss covers damp soil and even grass fails to grow? Yes, that one. We all know it. Many of us have one particular spot in the garden which just won’t drain well enough for plants to…

Minty fresh | Create a mint scented haven

Who does not love the scent of mint? That recognisably tangy aroma, so green and refreshing is something most of us associate with Summer cocktails and delicious steaming tea. Today mint has made its way into many of our everyday tea rituals, beauty regimes and kitchen recipes but the tradition of using mint in many…

Water Lilies | Grow your own candy coloured gems for the water garden

I have always been fascinated with water lilies. Many years ago as a child I visited a botanic garden in France and marvelled at the stunning colours of the tropical varieties in the glasshouses. Vivid pinks, striking purples and snow whites, seeming to float just above the water, these rare and exotic plants fascinated me…

w|ė LOVE

This month we have added lots gorgeous products to our edit. From fancy hoses to games and soft-soft Irish throws, wellness to home and some fab ideas to make your garden your outdoor living room. Dive into a world of wild living recommendations an add stylish and wild inspired elements to your garden life.