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w|ė MAGAZINE March Editorial

w|ė MAGAZINE March Editorial

Hello Wild
Welcome to w|ė magazine

Hello wild friends!

How does one start writing an inaugural welcome editorial for something which has been in the works for many years? I think many of you will agree that the past year and a bit has been one of the strangest, unexpected and often challenging times for many of us in our lifetimes. For me, I have found that having the chance to work with many creative and collaborative people to bring to life something new has been the best distraction and has kept my head firmly rooted in future possibilities and dreams. The process of planning and writing my new wild ėden website has been a rock and finally I am so excited to share my brand new w|ė MAGAZINE:


A new online modern lifestyle magazine which brings monthly stories, knowledge and recommendations to you, all based on a wild and beautiful approach.


I guess the best way to tell you what w|ė MAGAZINE is about is to start with this moment right now and these crazy times when we are all trying to find some balance in a global imbalance. One thing I know for sure right now is that whether we live in the countryside, a town or a sprawling city, this last year has put the importance of wild beauty in all of our lives into a sharp focus worldwide.

Gardens and green spaces have become places for daily excercise, family fun and hope in a time when we all needed the simple optimism that nature has to offer. They have become spaces of escapism, emotional support and connection to each other globally.

Most of all, it seems that our green spaces have suddenly come into high definition focus in the most real and tangile way. It is the calmness of our skies and quieting of the streets of the lockdowns all over the world that has made nature emerge from the shadows. The sounds of the birds and the buzzing of the bees has never been more apparent and has called us out into our green spaces to sit on steps, lie on riverbanks, lounge apart in front gardens and spend time gathering strength in tending and enjoying our gardens.

What is important too is something I heard the famous Indian landscape architect Aniket Bhagwat say:

Landscape is the last place which is not political”

This idea that green space belongs to every person or animal that uses them and are one of the only spaces where you can truly just be you. A place where we can unfold and connect with ourselves, nature and wildlife.

Wild ėden- why now? A new perspective in thinking

Well, to be honest it feels like right now when we are all limited in our every day we have been given a unique opportunity to re-think how we live this every day. This moment in time presents us with the possibility of a real and organic change which we can embrace easily and slowly without any major interventions and with a gentle hand.

First and foremost I think this time is a chance to open ourselves up in our thinking- to reconnect and re-evaluate what wild beauty means to us and how to invite it into our worlds and celebrate it as much as we can. It is also a chance to explore what the terms we have been throwing about for so long: biodiversity and sustainability and more really mean in our lives and the choices we make.

In conversation with many people in recent months, designers, architects, chefs, growers, makers, writers and more-

I know that the idea of going back to our lives the way they were before this time suddenly seems impossible for so many of us. This brings me so much hope.

For me this past while this has also meant looking at my own life and seeing how I could bring more joy, connection and space to breathe into life everyday….and you know what cropped up again and again? The celebration of wild beauty, gardens and connections with like minded people. You!


Welcome to w|ė . My brand new monthly magazine which aims to celebrate the beauty of wild

Why wild ėden?

The noun wild refers to ‘a natural state or uncultivated or uninhabited region’.

So when does the wild become a garden and and what point does the garden become wild?”

For me the interplay between wild and human interactions in green areas with the wild is fascinating. By nature, we leave tracks on spaces we live in and cultivate. That’s human- and yet it is up to us how we do this. The traces we leave can be considered, beautiful, respectful. We can use an open mind and soft hands. We need the wild and the wild needs our passion for creating wild edens for the future. That’s what I hope the magazine design advice and my online courses will be centred around.

So what is w|ė ?

w|ė MAGAZINE is my new online wild based lifestyle magazine which brings monthly stories, knowledge and recommendations to you, all based on a wild and beautiful approach. w|ė will explore and celebrate topics which resonate with people, to bring an awareness to current issues we face in our shared wild spaces and to connect with like-minded people globally.

There will be interviews with inspiring creatives- designers, architects, chefs, writers, psychologists, doctors, and wild thinkers, creators and dreamers. Through gardens, food, wellness, health and inspiring stories for wild living, we will also link to courses in wild design and lifestyle and have exciting news soon on creative collaborations with incredible wild inspired people and brands.

Join w|ė to celebrate a wild and beautiful lifestyle in our everyday.


Leonie Cornelius





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