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Design your Dream Garden with Leonie Cornelius

This is a day course with Leonie which sees us designing your dream garden from scratch. Using your existing space and assets we delve into the topics of design and step-by-step create a plan for your dream space.

About the Course:

Designing your Joyful Garden Workshop is the perfect opportunity to explore the garden you really want. Whether you are new to Gardening, have just built a new home, acquired a garden or for those with existing gardens who would like it to work better and create some special design touches then this is the perfect workshop for you.

Spend a day with award winning garden designer Leonie Cornelius and learn how to design your own personalised garden space. With expert advice, beautiful step by step power point explanation and creative workshop exercises, you will be guided through the process of garden design and make your ideas for your garden a reality.

Designing your Joyful Garden will comprise of three main elements:

Section 1- Garden Dreaming

 Dream big!

Section 2- Garden theory 

Principals of  good design

Section 3 -Garden Action

Planting styles, combining plants choosing material etc.


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