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Know you need help with your dream garden but unsure how choose a course?  Then here’s a bit of advice.

The courses offered are easy to choose from. It really depends on how much input you need and how much interaction with others you would like too. We love connecting with you- this is one of the most fun things to do!


First of all Leonie offers ongoing LIVE courses based on you. These design based courses tap into your needs and include things like Creating joyful gardens, Designing gardens for new builds, Colour and the Garden, Materials in the Garden and more with new ones always being offered too. These courses are for you if you want to create designed spaces based around your personality, lifestyle and joy. They are run on zoom and are interactive and fun and we also need up on the private w|ė Facebook group so you can connect with Leonie and other participants and share ideas. They are also a great way of meeting other like minded people who are looking for the same things you are!


These custom courses are great for delving deep into topics which you want to work on at your own leisure. Leonie’s expert pre-recorded content is there for you to access at your own pace, for whenever you want it and they are full of hands on advice, design inspiration and our signature wild style ideas. So these courses are great to use whenever, wherever- whether it’s that 10 minutes before everyone else wakes up or a moment for you when you get a chance. Your wild eden- ready when you are. Here you also get added to the private w|ė Facebook group so you can connect with Leonie and others and ask us questions too.


These courses are collaborations with other wild inspired people and brands. For these Leonie teams up with friend, colleagues, businesses and brands to bring you inspiration, knowledge and joyful ideas. These are for you if you’re looking for inspiration on the chosen topics and looking to gain knowledge and insight into wild gardens, wild wellness, wild beauty, interiors and much much more.

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