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LIVE COURSE Creating Joyful Gardens for Interior Designers

LIVE COURSE Creating Joyful Gardens for Interior Designers


About this Event

This fun and informative evening course is led by award winning garden designer and interior architect Leonie Cornelius aims to give you an insight into how you can design a garden through the eyes of joy. With an emphasis on inside-outside connections and how our lifestyle influences our every day living choices this course is great to get a unique fresh perspective how gardens can become a considered and joyful bridge between inside living and landscape.

We will explore:

  • Designing for joy- how to find your unique happy garden concept
  • What you have to work with and making the most of your space
  • Choosing layouts for your space based on your needs and functions
  • Fleshing out your design with happy colour and materials
  • Choosing plants for Joy
  • How gardens and interiors are linked and how they function together

…..and much more


What you’ll gain:

An fun, interactive and explorative course which will leave you with a file of joyful ideas for your personalised space.

DATE: 25 March 2021

TIMES: 6pm-9pmGMT with breaks on the hour

GOT QUESTIONS about your design ideas from the day?

BONUS : You will also have access to our private Facebook community group going forwards also which allows you to share your ideas with each other and access ongoing content as new courses go live and new design content is shared.



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